TPs Chimneys and Stoves

Services Completed

Complete design, from initial layout through to completion, CMS Integration (WordPress), layout design, and basic graphic design.

TPs Chimneys and Stoves


This project was creating a basic website for the local business TPs Chimneys, who later expanded to a show based in Wilton, stocking Stoves as well. I’ve worked with them since the beginning of the website and used all their influences to create the website.

The business was started a couple of years prior to the website creation, and as such most of the company documents, colour schemes and logos had already been created. I was given copies of the files and used them in the process of building the website. I came up with the layout of the site, with a view to showcasing some of the companies work, along with giving visitors a chance to find out about the company and give them a clear indication of how to contact the company for their services.

Take a look at the website now,

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