#somethingsillyinjune 2013

Well, it’s getting close to June, and for me, and 13 others, that means we’re about to embark on our second “SSIJ” challenge, www.ssij.co.uk


Last year we ran the South Downs Way in 3 days, that’s over 100 miles. This year however, we’ve decided to double up and do 205 miles of the Pennine Bridleway, we’ll be running 30 miles, then mountain biking 70, then running another 30 miles, and finally mountain biking another 70. Mad I know. But it’s for a fantastic cause, Factor50 – www.factor50.org.uk


Not only am I taking part in this but I (jh IT solutions) are a key sponsor of the event and have been designing and maintaining the event website for the past 2 years. Something which I’m incredibly proud of and proud to be a part of.

Not only this, but a personal little bonus for me is that I have managed to get Soreen to help us out as well, through pure bloody mindedness and persistence they are going to donate some delicious malt loaf for us! Amazing!!

So thank you for reading my little update, and feel free to donate, after all, for every £1 you donate you get a raffle ticket into the draw to win some fantastic prizes, such as a flying lap of Thruxton, Bath Rugby merchandise, sign rugby shirts by Matt Dawson, Will Greenwood and others, and to top it off, you could get your hands on a signed bottle of Whiskey from none other than David Cameron… Not a bad selection of prizes!

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