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Web design, WordPress Theme Development, theme creation, responsive website, layout design




This project involved re-designing the old W.Mundy website and relaunching under the Mundy Building Contractor brand. This website is the second iteration of it as the initial design was based on a custom Joomla template that I created to reflect the exact design specifications sent over from Mundys.

After a year or so of the Joomla website, and version issues with their host, together we decided it would be beneficial to migrate the website to the WordPress platform as it, in my eyes is a lot stabler and easier to use for the client. Especially as more new projects would be being added to the website by them.

The new and current website is an adaptation of the Responsive Theme created by Cyber Chimps. I’ve edited it and customised it heavily to suit the exact needs of Mundy Building Contractors.



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