Microsoft Security Essentials – Upgrade Today!

Ok, so I’ve been guilty in the past of advising users to use Microsoft Security Essentials as a viable alternative to other free antivirus solutions. That was of course when it first came on the scene and was rated highly alongside other free security suites.

Now, however, it’s come to light through various sources, namely PC Pro (Where I read the article) that even Microsoft themselves don’t advise you to use MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials). I’ve linked to the article, and the gist of the piece is that you shouldn’t rely on MSE, use another security suite… Astonishing admission from Microsoft I think you’ll agree, but somehow not surprising.

You may be thinking “So what do I do now??”, well I’ll tell you. If you want a safe, secure, and free antivirus solution. Then look no further than the software I advise on a daily basis, both the free and paid for versions are superb. It’s Avast! Below is a link to the free version (Which is rated the best free antivirus by PC Pro Magazine):


I personally advise using the Internet Security Suite, for which I am a reseller, and can get you a significant discount, so if you’re interested, please do get in touch!

Thanks to PC Pro for their article on this too.


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