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For this website, the client wanted a very professional and clean looking website that matched the subject of their business, Human Resources. So, I did some research and came back with some basic layouts and designs, and one thing was clear, blue was an important colour.

We quickly decided that blue, white, and grey would be key to our design so I set about putting together the designs for the website. We settled on the layout we have here and the client was very happy with it. We have the relevant information available straight away to the visitor, and  we have a news section which is updated easily by the client through the WordPress backend.


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As well as creating, designing, and building the website, I was tasked with creating the logo for the business, along with business cards and some basic leaflets. The client made it claer that the logo needed to be very simple, and bold. I came up with 4 design ideas and the one you see below was the final chosen logo. Simple I think you’ll agree!


As you may have guess, the brief for the business cards was again to keep them very simple, and below is the final design.


This was a thoroughly enjoyable project that was made all the more easier by the client knowing exactly what they wanted. A job well done.

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