Bogus Microsoft Calls

Now, this is an archived post from my old blog, but the all the content is relevant as unfortunately it’s still happening, please read on.

Over the past few months/years I’ve spoken to a number of clients and indeed friends and family members who have had a phone call from companies posing either directly as Microsoft or as partners or affiliates.

First things first, this is not a new scam; it has been around for a long time. The give away about the whole scam is to know that Microsoft will not in any case call you and offer you support out of the blue. The only time you will receive a support call from a Microsoft representative is if you have sought help from them directly and they are responding to you, in which case they will have a reference number, or “Case-ID” as they are known, that they can quote back to you to confirm that you are indeed talking to a genuine Microsoft employee. Another thing to remember is that if it is a Microsoft employee, they will have the case details and indeed your name that you logged the call with so will speak to you by name.

If you have already received a call like this, then please read on for some advice on what to do next. If you’ve already given your credit card or debit card details then the first task would be to contact your bank and inform them you think you may be a victim of fraud. You will then need to explain the situation and what has happened.

You also might consider contacting your phone service provider such as BT and inform them of this, and if you noted the number that called you, give that to your phone supplier, as they may be able to prevent such calls in the future.

Hopefully that’s given you a quick education on these scam calls – it’s important to understand that this type of fraud may not just be limited to Microsoft, people may call saying they’re from other companies as well, therefore you must be careful to keep your personal information safe.

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