Basic Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Windows Keyboard Shortcuts!

I’m going to give you a few basic keyboard tricks, all based on the “Windows Key”, which I hope, will help you speed up your computing experience.

So here’s a couple of keyboard shortcuts that I use on a daily basis and find they really help – especially when multi-tasking!

First off all, lets just familiarise ourselves with the keys. If you’re using a Windows computer, then you’ll have a key with the Windows logo on it, this is creatively called the “Windows Key” you’ll also have a “Tab” key, this one is positioned above the “Caps Lock” key.

Ok so now for the tricks. If you didn’t know already, the Windows key when pressed opens up the Start Menu, it can be an easy way to start looking for the program you want to run – for example, if you’re using Windows 7 (The latest Windows operating system) you can press the Windows Key and then begin typing the name of an application, such as “Word” or “Internet Explorer” – the menu will automatically update and display matching applications. You can then click on the one you want. There, that was easy!

Next up, if you press and hold the Windows Key, and press the “D” key, you’ll see all your active windows disappear and you’re faced with the Desktop, it’s a nice quick way to get back to the start. (It’s also the same as the command Windows Key and “M”)

Next, sticking with the Windows Key is if you press and hold again, and now press the “Tab” key, you’ll see you can switch easily between the open applications. When you’ve got to the application you want, release the keys.

My last keyboard shortcut for this month, is Windows Key and “E” – this brings up a Windows Explorer window allowing you to navigate through your files and folders – an easy way to search your computer.

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