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Whether your PC has a virus or you just want to learn more, jh IT solutions can help. With a home visit you not only get the reassurance that your issue is fixed, but you can learn more about your computer. However big or small your problem is jh IT solutions can help – please call for latest offers on tuition and training.


Still Running Windows XP?

Are you still using Windows XP? Don’t know how to upgrade or swap to a new computer? Don’t worry, together lets resolve this. Working with local, and nationwide suppliers alike I can source high quality refurbished desktops or laptops running Windows 7 or 8 that are ideal to replace your old machine. Windows XP Upgrade Service.

tick Refurbished Machines
tick Data Transfer
tick Onsite Installations
tick Tuition

Virus Removal

Has your computer been infected with a virus or spyware? Don’t worry – just one home visit could restore your computer to full health. Not only will the virus be removed and your system cleaned but recommendations will be made and steps taken to help prevent further infection.

tick Virus Removal
tick Malware Removal
tick Spyware Removal
tick Adware Removal

PC/Laptop Upgrades

All manner of upgrades can be completed, whether you need a RAM upgrade, want to add a secondary hard drive or want to install a more powerful graphics card, all these can be completed with a simple home visit. jh IT solutions only use trusted suppliers and quality branded hardware so you can be sure your upgrade will be reliable and worth while.

tick Memory Upgrades
tick Hard Drive Upgrades
tick Graphics Card Upgrade
tick Operating System Upgrades

Computer Health Checks

Is your computer starting to run slowly? Does booting up take too long? If so jh IT solutions can help, with a full system health check your computer will be cleaned, both physically and virtually, software will be updated, antivirus software will be checked and tested, and disks will be defragmented to speed up disk drive access

tick Disk Performance Analysis
tick Removal of Unused Software
tick Comprehensive Clean Up
tick Full Physical Clean

Home Networking / Broadband Setups

Is your household joining many others out there by having more than one computer? If so you could benefit from a home networking solution, meaning you could share your files, music, and printers between all computers in the your home whilst all having access to the World Wide Web. With more and more people connecting to broadband you may have trouble setting up the router and wireless, if so, jh IT solutions can help.

tick Wireless Signal Booster
tick Initial Broadband Setup
tick CAT5/6 Cable Installs
tick File Share Setups

Computer Repairs

If your computer is broken, damaged or just not working, don’t worry – the chances are it can be repaired. If it can’t be done there and then, a trip to the workshop may be in order to get the machine back up and running – customers of course will be kept in the loop throughout the whole process.

tick Laptop Screen Replacements
tick Memory/Motherboard/PSU
tick Hard Drive Replacements
tick Operating System Re-installs

1 to 1 Tuition and Training

Do you want to learn more? Are you looking for computer help? With customised training and tuition tailored to every customers needs you can be sure you’ll learn what you want to learn – whether it’s how to setup an email account or getting to know your operating system, call 01722 568 698 now to book a tailored training session at a time that suits you.

tick Basic “How to” Sessions
tick Mac, PC and Linux Lessons
tick Windows 8 Beginners Sessions
tick Word, Excel, PowerPoint and More

Parental Controls

Do you want to make sure your home network and/or home computers are secured for your children? Do you want to control what is looked at in your own home? Parental controls are a great way of locking down your home network and systems so that your computers only see what you want them to see. Controlled access from the router, or your computer/tablet.

tick Content Filtering
tick Parental Controls
tick Internet Security
tick Friendly Surfing

Data Recovery and Data Transfers

Have you accidentally deleted a precious photograph or file? Don’t worry – chances are it can be recovered – with just one visit your missing files can be restored to their original locations, and a system backup can be implemented to prevent future accidents. If you’ve just bought a new computer and want all your data from the old computer, this isn’t a problem – jh IT solutions can transfer all your data to the new system and as an added extra, provide a backup of important files on CD or DVD for you to keep safe.

tick Extensive Data Recovery
tick Recover Deleted Files
tick Recover from Damaged Drives
tick Mac, Linux, and PC Drives Recovered

Software / Hardware Installs

If you’re looking to install new software, or hardware – jh IT solutions can help. Whether it’s new software/hardware or updates to a current version, a simple visit will complete this for you, once completed the software/hardware will be tested and demonstrated to ensure satisfaction.

tick Operating System Upgrades
tick Office Software Updated
tick Memory Installations
tick Printer/Scanner Software